About Liquid Bass & Dark Liquid Records

Liquid Bass Records is an independent record label launched in December 2011. Liquid Bass aims to release alternative sounds from Greek bands.
It's a fact that, the global economic hardships, plus the absence of record labels in Greece (and especially the ones who support alternative music) together with the easy access to records in mp3 format on the internet, are not helping towards the direction of releasing records. In spite of those facts, we decided, driven by our love for music, to make it happen and release these types of music in the natural form of vinyl preserving the dynamic and natural live sound of the recording.  It's our mission to support artists with a unique sound signature according to our taste and style, and deliver their music on the beloved form of vinyl. For the lovers of analog sound recordings, and not only, we are here to boost our music scene and support the vinyl!
For obvious reasons, this undertaking requires time and money (master audio, vinyl cutting, covers printing). Taking all this into consideration, we attempt to find the best offers in the  market (international) and minimize to the lowest possible the expenses. All our profits are being invested on future record releases, so support our effort, to give us the opportunity of continuing our work!
Since October of 2013, the sublabel Dark Liquid Records was launched, which is releasing the dark releases from the darkwave, minimal synth, deathrock scene.

In case you have a record store and you're interested in having our releases, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form for wholesale prices and shipping details.

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